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coon hound dog

Photographer | Mentor

Hi! This is my rescue hound, Josie, and I’m her mom, Cindy. Most days you’ll find me out shooting real estate or training new photographers (with Josie waiting in the car). Other days I may be on the golf course or playing with my little grandson or hiking with Josie.

I’m a daily meditator. At least I try to be.  I strive to live a peaceful and joyful life. Most days I succeed, some days I fail at it, and that’s okay. 

I Love Helping Others

When I started my real estate photography gig, I had absolutely no one to help me. I even went so far as to hire a local real estate photographer to teach me, which he did, reluctantly. I spent so many hours trying to figure out what worked and learned a lot about what didn’t.

Now that I have a thriving business, I love helping others learn real estate photography. If you would like to see if we may be a good match for a mentorship program, contact me to get started. 

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